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Cellar Gas

Rent Free Gas supplies cellar gas that includes not only Carbon Dioxide but a mixture of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen to help enhance you drinking experience and, being easy to use, safe to handle and extensively tested before they’re released for sale, you can be perfectly sure that this cellar gas is a safe, efficient and quality product at an affordable price.

Trade Supplies

CO2 is available in 1.5kg, 3.14kg, 6.35kg, 15kg & 34kg

Cellar Mixes are available in 2ltr, 10ltr, 20ltr & 50ltr Cylinders

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SizeDeposit Refill (excl. VAT)Dimensions
1.5kg£25.00£12.50450mm x 100mm
This will pump 35 gallons of product
3.14kg£55.00£14.50520mm x 130mm
This will pump 75 gallons of product
6.35kg£55.00£19.50850mm x 130mm
This will pump 150 gallons of product and is also available for liquid offtake

Cellar Mixes

60/40 – 60% CO2 in Nitrogen, suitable for most Lagers & Ciders

30/70 - 30% CO2 in Nitrogen, suitable for most Bitters, Stouts, Guinness and Ciders

SizeDeposit Refill (excl. VAT)Dimensions
2ltr @ 200bar£25.00£14.50450mm x 100mm
This will pump 22 gallons of product
10ltr @ 200bar£55.00£25.00770mm x 150mm
This will pump 110 gallons of product

Safety sheets

All information sheets are in .pdf format and will open in a new browser window.

CO2 safety sheet

Drinks dispensing gas safety sheet