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Fuel Gas

Acetylene is the primary fuel for oxy-fuel welding and is the fuel of choice for repair work and general cutting and welding. Acetylene produces the hottest and most concentrated primary flame of all industrial fuel gases.

Its calorific value is fairly low, but the portion emitted by the primary flame is very high, about 30%, making acetylene the fuel gas that produces the most heat in the primary flame

The properties of Propylene are similar to those of propane. The calorific value is roughly the same for the two gases, but propylene produces a larger portion of its heat in the primary flame, which means that Propylene produces a hotter and more efficient flame than propane.


Very efficient when used with oxygen.

Less dense than air and will not accumulate at low levels

Low ignition energy.

The flame has a low moisture content making it a good choice for many critical heating applications

Gas Refill Price (excl. VAT) Deposit
10 Litre £89.00£100.00


Deposits will be renewed at point of refill, renewal charge / refunds will be given on the following scale.

Return within: Refund
12 Months100% Refund
12-18 Months80% Refund
18-24 Months50% Refund
24-36 Months30% Refund
Over 36 MonthsNil Refund

Propylene is a useful fuel gas. Oxygen & Propylene burns hotter than Oxygen & Propane and can be used for Brazing, Silver Soldering, Heating & Cutting.

There are several advantages in using Propylene.

SAFER. Reduced chance of flashbacks, more stable.

FASTER Cutting Speeds than propane - productivity improvement

QUALITY CUTS - Less grinding, better joint fit-up

Gas Refill Price (excl. VAT) Deposit
2 Litre £27.84£25.00
10 Litre £55.72£55.00
20 Litre £89.00£80.00

Safety sheets

All safety sheets are in .pdf format and will open in a new browser window

Working safely with Acetylene

The Safe Use of Oxy-Fuel Gas Equipment

The Dangers Of Misusing Gases

Propylene Safety sheet