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Gas Cylinders to suit all from welding, cutting to heating and cooking

Welding and Cutting

Using Adams Gas rentfree cylinders including:

The new 50 Litre cylinder to suit business using four or five cylinders per year.

The 20 Litre Trade gas, a popular choice for the workshop, garage and larger projects consuming two or more cyclinders per year - big enough to last and convenient to move around especially under car lifts.

The 9 Litre Hobby gas Ideal for the home and low volume user; always there when you need it. Light and portable will suit any machine application at base or on site. Our Hobby cylinders are equivalent to 21 x 600ml disposable cylinders or 13 x 1L disposable cylinders.

The 2 Litre Portagas, as the name suggests, extremely portable or if required easily stowed for home use with aquatics or hydroponics.

Propylene: the new alternative to Acetylene for many tasks.

Will non contract work for me?

Not always, especially for high volume users. However, it will give you complete control and flexibility for extra or spare cylinders and for infrequently used products.

There are no hidden costs or charges and definitely NO MONTHLY RENTAL, you can collect at the listed premises or you can have delivery for a small fee. With all our gases you simply pay a one off - refundable - deposit and pay for the gas as you go. You can hold as many cylinders as you require and change products to suit your needs. They use the same regulator fittings as BOC, Air products, Air Liquide and Calor Gas. When you return the cylinder we return your deposit - simple.

Heating and Cooking

RentFreeGas, in a new development with Rectory Gas, is now able to supply a range of domestic gases at competitive prices and delivery charges.